External DVD Drives are convenient and portable devices for data storage.

External DVD drives and burners offer great convenience for those without built in burners or for those who have multiple machines or a need for data portability. The drive is connected to your computer through a cable (usually USB cable) which provides the data connection and the power for the unit itself. With an external DVD drive, you can store large amounts of data in a very small space for a very low cost. These drives are fairly inexpensive and there is really little overall difference in drives for the typical user. Here are some of the options that should be considered before buying an external DVD drive:

Comparison to other devices:
The external dvd drive, and particularly the external dvd burner is superior to other mass media storage options. Here is a brief comparison of popular choices:

internal dvd burnerCompared to Internal Burners: The external offers portability from machine to machine without having to undergo a physical installation. Most burners simply require plugging in the USB cable, and some my have a power cord as well.

Compared to USB Flash Drives: While flash drives offer superior speed, the fact that a flash drive offers limited data storage is a definite drawback. If you plan on leaving your files on a flash drive forever, that is one thing, but most people use them for temporary storage and moving files. A blank DVD is a fraction of the cost of a flash drive, and can easily be stored or given to others, where a flash drive cannot.

Compared to CD Drives and Burners: The amount of storage on a DVD is far greater than that of a CD. The CD burner is now essentially obsolete for data storage. Most DVD burners can burn CD's as well.

Overview For most users there is little difference in DVD drives. What you really need is a good reliable drive at a decent price. Several online vendors or big box stores offer a good selection of top external dvd drive models.

If you don't have a lot of experience in buying computer hardware, several sites offer hardware reviews which provide both editorial and customer reviews. Online websites also offer deeply discounted drives due to their high volume compared to retail stores. You can save a significant amount of money and get a piece of equipment that will last for many years. It is good to comparison shop as well, because many sites depend on volume sales, meaning they will sell the item a lot cheaper.

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